Local Laundry – Dunne Belles

I had the pleasure of working with Local Laundry and Lucy of Dunne Bells for a shoot that featured the amazing woman that Lucy is and the cool things she has accomplished in her life. The shoot was done at Crossfit Currie Barracks and I can’t describe how excited I was to be shooting in a space that was as raw and open as a crossfit gym. As a personal trainer, my mind was racing with all the different shots we could take and all the different exercises she could be doing.The shoot could not come any sooner. When the time finally arrived, working with Lucy and Kathleen from Local Laundry was so easy that this has to be one of my favourite shoots. Lucy was so patient and willing to do all the different exercises, even if it meant she had to squat so many times with a hip that’s been giving her some grief.


Local Laundry is a clothing line that has worked so hard not only to be recognized in the cities the work in but also in helping the local business promote themselves through them. I was so excited that this project got to feature a few of the items in their collection.