Sunrise with Leticia

As a person that doesn’t wake up too early on weekends, sunrise photoshoots are hard. On this particular morning, I wouldn’t say I was all that happy to be up before sunrise but the way these pictures turned out, suddenly makes it all worth it. When we ventured out of the house, it wasn’t pitch dark. There were flickers of the blue sky starting to show, announcing the arrival of the sun. The drive wasn’t that long to get to our destination, but I rememeber Leticia running through the field and the small bushes to get to our location, just in case we missed the sunrise. I followed behind, still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I was up and about to do a phototshoot.

When we got to the little open area, it was serene. Dew was still on the flowers and there was a perfect hill that perfectly captured the moment, the sun rose over the horizon.

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