A couple of Sunday’s ago, I was asked to take pictures of a family whose dog was getting older and they wanted me to capture their moments with him so they could treasure. It was my first time taking pictures of a pet and it was an experience I was both excited and nervous to embark on. To my pleasure, it was one of my favourite shoots not only because the atmosphere was relaxed, but Jacob made it even more entertaining. At one point, one could tell that he was getting tired but the short bursts of energy or the bit of sassiness he would reveal once in a while, made it hard to not love him at once. He was patient as we moved from once place to another to get the right shots. At the end of it all, you could tell he was tired from all the walking around but he took it like a champ until the end.

Now on to the humans,  everyone involved with the shoot was very cooperative which makes my job so much easier. They had ideas of what they wanted and where excited to try the shots that I had in mind. This flow of creativity made for come great pictures that follow as soon as I stop blabbing about the whole experience. So, without further ado…I present Jacob

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